Featured Artist: Denice Lewis

Sample Work
Holy (2007)
Mixed Media on Canvas
Image © Denice Lewis 2007

Denice Lewis

True art flows from within, this is never more apparent than with abstract art where no recognizable subject serves to buffer the inner soul of the artist from the viewer. Abstract art has been defined as "art that picks up where religious art left off--it renders the same feelings; purified essence of color and form." The art that results from Denice's brush strokes are magnificent manifestations of her internal spirit and the powerful emotions that are conveyed to the viewer are often intense and primal.

Denice's forays into color, texture and light lead us on a path to inner joy, beauty and bliss, or equally important into self-examination, including sensitive and painful memories. All art is subjective, abstract art even more so, but for those who connect with Denice's paintings the emotional charge is all too real.

AIDS Community Care Montreal/Sida Benevoles Montreal

Project HOPE is a function of AIDS Community Care Montreal/Sida benevoles Montreal , (ACCM), which is recognizing 20 years of service in their response to the HIV/AIDS crisis. Proceeds from this event are meant to assist ACCM with the ongoing provision of programs, services and supports for People Living With HIV/AIDS, (PLWHA).

For information regarding Project HOPE or to learn how to participate, please contactact PH Coordinator, Chris Elliott at chriselliott@videotron.ca

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* Actress Sharon Stone supports Project HOPE - please scroll to bottom for details.

*Photographer Michael Alago joins PH

*Excerpts from NUDE, an exhibition of contemproary artists from the United Kingdom in conjunction with Project HOPE launched in London on March 2007.

*Need some advice on finding, buying and appreciating art on a budget? Check out Lisa Hunter's Blog and book under Art Links.

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