"The life of the artist is, in relation to his work, stern and lonely. He has labored hard, often amid deprivation, to perfect his skill. He has turned aside from quick success in order to strip his vision of everything secondary or cheapening. His working life is marked by intensive application and intense discipline."  John F. Kennedy

True art flows from within, this is never more apparent than with abstract art where no recognizable subject serves to buffer the inner soul of the artist from the viewer. Abstract art has been defined as "art that picks up where religious art left off--it renders the same feelings; purified essence of color and form." The art that results from Denice's brush strokes are magnificent manifestations of her internal spirit and the powerful emotions that are conveyed to the viewer are often intense and primal.

Her forays into color, texture and light lead us on a path to inner joy, beauty and bliss, or equally important into self-examination, including sensitive and painful memories.  All art is subjective, abstract art even more so, but for those who connect with Denice's paintings the emotional charge is all too real as the following comment from one so touched shows.

"Denice Lewis' paintings are kick ass. There is life in them. Often with abstract expressionist art there is an "unresolved" quality to the work--a lot of 'Look at my talent--I'll show you my skill'. Ms Lewis shows you what she KNOWS. Rather than feeling that she has lead us to a place of her design, we feel that her life experience has pulled from her a secret that she now feels compelled to share with us.   Each  painting  seems   to  complete an idea or emotion.  
denice lewis abstract artist
While certainly impressive, the work is--more importantly--satisfying. She makes paint seem to move, usually in our direction. Her "hard work" never shows--only her pleasure at discovering a new thing, which, at once, becomes ours. Sometimes, she makes you feel sort of like you're seeing color for the first time. You feel like your eyes have opened a little wider--as if, instead of a canvas, she has painted on light. When she wants to, she has the ability to make you feel good, like hope itself. Ms Lewis delivers generously--like an explorer who has returned from a long journey with something living, something new, something for you."

In a special Tribute Art Series, available by individual commission only, Denice uses her artistic abilities, combined with an innate ability to connect with the essence of one's being, to create lasting memories in abstract form of departed loved ones.   Using a pinch of the cremains, and engaging in dialogue with the loved ones, Denice captures the spirit, the soul, the memories of the departed.

There is much, much more to Denice Lewis than abstract artist, or even tribute artist:  there is a whole life of wondrous experience and incredible adversity, which is available elsewhere, but this site is designed to showcase her art….we leave it to you to explore her work and hope that it reaches you, touches you and inspires you.
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